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1. Contest name: “Design the icon (logo) for the Urban railways of Ho Chi Minh City”

2. Contestants target: all amateur and professional designers inside and outside Vietnam (members of Organization Board and Judges Board shall not be allowed to participate the contest).

3. Prizes:

- 01 first prize: 50,000,000 VND (Fifty millions Vietnam Dong)

- 04 consolation prizes: 5,000,000 VND/each (Five millions Vietnam Dong)

4. Regulations of the icons:

- The icon (logo) of the Urban railways of HCMC shall reflect their modernism and characteristics and also the trait of HCMC.

- The image and layout shall be elegant, harmonious, aesthetic, comprehensive, clear, simple, understandable, recognizable and convenient in order to display on any kinds of materials, to zoom in/out while maintaining the same art quality.

- The icon (logo) is in the form of graphic design, in the actual size, displayed on a good quality white paper of A4 size (dimension: 21 x 29.7cm), with maximum width is 15cm (placed in the paper center). The icon shall have appropriate colors (no more than 04 colors). On the right bottom corner is a miniature (in black and white colors), with maximum width is 3cm.

- Each designer shall not submit more than 03 icons, each icon has a unique code. The front of the design shall not have any signatures or symbols. On the back of the design, in the right bottom corner, it shall have a code including 05 alphabetic or numerical characters chosen by the designer. Each icon shall be submitted together with a short and condense narration/description, no more than 300 words.

- The designer shall have responsibility for the copyright which is in compliance with regulations of the law. If there is any infringement about copyright after the result announcement, the Organization Board will cancel the result and evict the prize, also the Board will not have responsibility for any copyright dispute among designers.

- The icon which is selected will be the official icon (logo) of the Urban railways of HCMC; the designer will receive the prize; the copyright will belong to Management Authority for Urban Railways. The Organization Board will not return the submitted icons to the designers.

- The Organization Board will only receive qualified icons, including:

+ Icon;

+ Narration/description;

+ An envelope contains a registration form that is clearly stated with full names, address, telephone of the designer and the code of icon (also written on the back of the icon), the outside of envelope is only written with the code of icon. The Organization Board has the responsibility to give each icon a unique code, to keep the confidentiality, and shall open the envelope only after the preliminary round in order to announce the designer to have sufficient modification for the public review.

- All of three documents above shall be put in a big envelope that is clearly shown on the outside: “Icon for the participation of the contest of designing the icon (logo) for the Urban railways of HCMC.”

- After submitting the icon, the designer shall agree with and terms and conditions of the contest.

5. Regulations on schedule of the contest:

- Period of contest announcement: from the starting date of contest announcement until 31st July, 2015.

- Period of receiving icons: from 1st August, 2015 to 8th August, 2015.

(For icons that are submitted via mails, the submitted date is the same with the date on the post office seal.)

- Period of icon evaluation is divided into 02 rounds:

+ Preliminary round:

From 14th August, 2015 to 24th August, 2015: The Judges Board will choose the top 05 icons (logo) with the best quality for the final round.

After that, The Organization Board will inform the chosen designers for sufficient modification within 07 days (from 25th August, 2015 to 31st August, 2015) and send back to the Organization Board before 2nd September, 2015 for public review within 05 days (from 2nd September, 2015 to 7th September, 2015) in the following forms: posted on Saigon Giai Phong Newspaper, Thanh Nien Newspaper, Vietnam News, VnExpress website and the website of MAUR ( in order to have comments.

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